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Traditional Waxed Metal Curtain Pole Made to Measure

Size Guide
Size Guide

Use our guide to get the perfect fit for your window and curtain type 




Measure your window recess (A) cm

Paul Christian recommends that your curtains don’t sit across the window when they are drawn back, so you can gain the maximum amount of light when the curtains are open.

Your made-to-measure pole needs to run past the Window Recess (A)
to create a Stack Back (B).

The chart above below gives the optimum Stack Back for pairs of curtains.

Window Recess  Stack Back 
120 cm 20cm
150 cm 30cm
175 cm 40cm

You may not have this space on the sides of your windows,
and there might be more space one side than the other.
Measure the maximum amount possible and make it the same
for both sides if you require an even pair of curtains.


Window Recess measures 150cm = A

Recommended Stack Back for recess of 150cm is 30cm = B

Custom Pole length = A + 2B = 150 + (2 x 30cm) = 210cm

(not including length of finials)

Your made-to-measure pole will be professionally cut to your custom length.  

For a custom pole length of 210cm you need to order a pole 'up to 300cm' 
and enter 210cm in the custom pole length box

You can always send in your drawings to paul@paulchristian.online and we can advise you.



There is a choice of 2 diameters for the pole you order. Choose...
19mm for light weight lined curtains 
25mm for medium weight lined curtains

The length of the finials is not included in your custom pole length.
The finials will add length to your pole so you 
need to bear this in mind if close to a wall.

Stud Finial Dimensions

Ball Finial Dimensions


Use the bay checker app available for iphone and ipad (also available for android devices). The app will tell you if you’ve measured correctly. Press SAVE and email the sizes to paul@paulchristian.online 


When measuring a bay window, measure past the window recess (A) as much as possible on the sides to create a stack back (B) for the curtain. This gets the fabric back off the glazed area as much as possible, framing the window and making the window look bigger. Remember to measure the wall size.

NOTE: the option on the app for a continuous curve bay pole does NOT apply for this product - select pic matching above. 

Remember we offer a professional measuring and fitting service
 for curtains and poles for both domestic and trade customers
 in the Bristol and Bath area - contact us today



Your order cannot be cancelled or returned once it has been placed

Need more advice?  Fill in our contact form or give us a call. 
Pole Length cm (see size guide)
Diameter (see size guide)

    • Traditional waxed metal curtain poles hand made by Bradley Express
      Made to measure to suit your exact measurements
      Long length straight poles up to 480cm long (with passing rings) perfect for Bifold Doors
      Easy glide pole complete with fixtures and fittings
      Choice of ball or disc finial
      Choice of diameters 19mm (3/4") or 25mm (1")
      Contemporary styling 
      Custom bending for bay windows (see our size guide and use the bay checker app available for iphone, ipad and android devices. The app will tell you if you’ve measured correctly. Press SAVE and email the sizes to paul@paulchristian.online)
      Fast delivery to your home  
      Remember we offer a professional measuring and fitting service for curtains and poles for both domestic and trade customers in the Bristol and Bath area - contact us today

    • How to order 
      Straight Pole

      Select pole length in cm (excluding finial length), pole diameter and finial type and enter your custom pole length in cm in the last box, this will display the price, then just add to cart. Repeat to add more poles to your order - only one delivery charge no matter how many you order.
      Bay Pole - use bay checker app and email your measurements to us.
    • Your order cannot be cancelled or returned once it has been placed.
      Please check your measurements carefully in accordance with our size guide

      Need some help?  Contact us for advice. 

    • A flat rate delivery charge to UK addresses of £24.75 no matter how many poles you order.
      Your order will be confirmed by us by email and delivered by Tuffnells within 3 - 5 working days.